Best Credit Cards For Every Kind Of Woman This 2020

The term jack of all trades is so underrated. What about the queen of all trades for all the superwomen out there? Be it our moms, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, best friends, bosses, managers, or whatever that they may be wearing, surely, each and every woman deserve nothing but the best

That is why this international women’s month, we did the dirty work of finding the best, most rewarding cards for you. Because every woman is special in their own way, we took care of choosing the credit cards that fit a variety of lifestyles, passions, and needs. Focus on the one that will allow you to treat yourself, queen!

Looking for a car insurance that will save you time and money? We’ve also got you covered.

So, this is us greeting all the empowered women out there, Happy International Women’s Month! May this year be filled with love and support from one another. Continue shining, superstars!

1. For the shopping hero, the Citi Rewards Card.

Gifts, groceries, and many more? If you’re looking for a credit card that you can maximize making the most out of your purchases, the Citi Rewards Card is perfect for you.

Offering unlimited rewards and exciting offers, plus rewards point for every transaction, this credit card is every shopping hero’s dream. Check out its perks and features below.

Annual fee: No annual fee for life for new cardholders
Monthly interest rate: 3.50%


  • Earn rewards point for every P30 spend
  • Get 3x rewards points when you dine and shop locally and abroad or when you book tickets via Cebu Pacific
  • Points are good as cash, 15 points = P1

2. For the all-around auntie, the HSBC Red Mastercard

For those women who loves to shop, dine, travel, or shall we say to all the all-around titas out there, HSBC Red Mastercard is the credit card for you.

If you’re simply into points, rewards, airmiles, and rebates, this all-around card will not only take you to places, but it also offers a lot of perks for you to enjoy. For more info, check out the details below.

Annual fee: Free for life
Monthly interest rate: 3.50%


  • 4x bonus points on shopping, dining, online, and overseas purchases
  • 0% monthly installment interest for up to 36 months
  • Up to 8% discount on hotel bookings, 12% on Zalora, 3% on tours and sightseeing products via Klook, and many more

3. For the jet setter goddess, the HSBC Platinum Visa

Living life to the fullest, both here and abroad? The HSBC Platinum Visa is every jet setter goddess’ must-have.

Earn flyer miles and reward points and enjoy concierge services and airport lounge access all in one. Other than that, you can also revel on discounts from Zalora and Klook for up to 12%, So, that’s a wardrobe, flight tickets, and tours all in one. Find out more below.

Annual fee: Free for life
Monthly interest rate: 3.50%


  • Earn air miles for every spend
  • 0% monthly installment for up to 36 months
  • 4x rewards points on overseas purchases


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